Oxymoron Entertainment: Make a Reel

Aspiring actors who make a film reel that contains a short demonstration of their talent avoid missed opportunities.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers will watch reels before holding casting calls for the masses.  Hair, makeup and wardrobe might not be perfect for the role, but the film will show the acting ability of the actor.  Opportunities are offered to those who follow recommendations put forth by Oxymoron Entertainment.  Reels and headshots will travel to places that the actor cannot go personally.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers will discuss roles and acting talent when time permits.  Some opportunities are offered long after the actor drops off the reel.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Hone Your Craft

Actors should seize every opportunity to learn more about every aspect of the acting profession.  Classes and seminars offer inside information for those who want to develop talents and skills.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers meets hundreds of people who want to fall into a miraculous role.  Those who stand out have used every possible opportunity to learn more about the craft.  Great headshots might get an actor noticed, but talent and confidence will win roles in studios like Oxymoron Entertainment.  Mastering the acting craft includes working scenes with friends and crawling inside the role.  Oxymoron Entertainment looks for those who seek to fulfill their personal potential.